Admission Procedure
During the month of January the School publishes the admission procedure on the notice board with dates for giving application, dates of admission and the Office timings for getting the application and the required documents for admission. The Procedure for admission is as follows:

  • The parents of the students get the application form from the office.
  • The application is duly filled by the parents with the photograph of the child pasted on the application.
  • The application is reviewed by the Principal and if all the requirements are met, he signs on the application.
  • Then the application is submitted to the school office with the first installment of the fees.

    Admission Process
    The Parents of the child will have to meet the Manager of the school for getting the details of the school admission. The Manager gives a brief explanation relating to the rules of the school, expectations from the parents, general curriculum and extracurricular activities of the school, Fees structure, school uniform, school bag, school books, school bus facility etc. Though there is no screening procedure for admission, parents are expected to bring the child before the manager before getting the application. If the manager is satisfied, then he sends a note to the office to issue an application form. The Office will register the name and give the Application Form. The applicant will have to bring the birth Certificate of the child and Passport size photographs, together with the filled application form. Once the admission process is over, the list of admitted children will be published on the notice board. Once the child is officially admitted, the parents can get the school books and bag from the concerned office. If the bus facility is required, the parent will have to register the name of the child with an advance payment. The school uniforms will have to be got from the concerned shop.

    The School fully reserves the right of Admission and its decision in the matter is final and binding and cannot be questioned.

    Withdrawal Process
    Parents are requested to submit an application letter to the principal, stating the reasons for transferring the child to some other school. The letter has to be submitted 3 months in advance or else the parent will have to pay the fees of coming 3 months.