• Don Bosco Pre-Primary School has a separate building of its own with all the necessary facilities. All the 6 class rooms are painted with colorful pictures and have wall writing relating to the syllabus of the children.
  • Assembly area with special tiles, in front of the school.
  • Video room: – A separate furnished room with Television and DVD Player. There is a collection of enjoyable and educative CDs in the Video room.
  • Children’s park. – We have a colorful children’s park with many play items like Swings, Sea saw, Attractive sliders etc…It is also protected with colorfully painted grills.
  • Ramp to reach the UKG class rooms on the First Floor.
  • Wash rooms: – There are separate wash rooms for boys and girls. There is an attractive mirror at the entrance of the wash rooms.
  • Notice boards: – In each class room there is one notice board each to display the children’s activities, monthly syllabus and other important information. In the entrances of the First Floor and the Second Floor, there are notice boards to display the diverse events of the School.
  • Teachers training room: – There is an audio visual hall for the training purpose of the teachers.
  • CCTV Cameras are placed in the school campus for ensuring the safety of the children.